Madelyn Victoria is an US based Singer. Today we have interviewed her.

Madelyn Victoria

Madelyn Victoria

Since when you’re into the field of music? What was the inspiration?

I’ve got a lot of family members who sing, play an instrument, etc. so growing up around that birthed my love for music. It was so natural to me and made sense that I’d be involved in the music industry one way or another. It’s my calling and I’m working hard at it every day.

What genre in specific you’re passionate about and why?

I’ve been into Country music since the day I was born, literally! My obstetrician had Country music playing while he delivered me 🙂 I grew up around my uncles and older cousins playing and singing all kinds of music and when they played stuff like Hank and Waylon, it caught my attention and sparked something within me. The inspiration comes mainly from my family, but also from artists who played in the 90’s like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Patty Loveless, Randy Travis, and so many more! Country music to me is what this life our Lord gave us is all about- love, heartaches, hard times, joy, sorrow, inspiration, etc. plus the steel guitar and fiddle are my favorite instruments and got to have them in my music.

What is your latest single? And what is it about?

He Only Loves me on the Dance Floor was released earlier in the year and did very well, thanks to my awesome team at MTS Management and Star One Records. I started writing this song with inspiration from going out dancing in a Texas dance hall, and of course about a story of what happens in a Texas dance hall every now and then. It could be about an ex-boyfriend who you know will be there and can’t help but keep falling for him again, or it could be about a stranger you meet at the dancehall and nothing but infatuation comes out of it. Everyone can relate to my song one way or another and I wrote it so people can have their own perspective of it. I’ve even had a few men say “SHE only loves me on the dance floor!”

What message you wish to deliver through your songs?

I have written so many songs and I am working on getting them out to the public real soon. Like I mentioned earlier I write about the life our Lord gave us. Inspirations come to me from a sunrise or sunset, a story from the past, a story from the present, or about what we have to look forward to in the future.

You’re also a beauty pageant winner. Tell us about it.

I never really saw them as “beauty” pageants but more like “role model” pageants. I always did my best in whatever I was involved in growing up and in school, so being apart of some pageant shows was a way of representing who I was and the people around me, and hoped, just like in my music, to inspire people to follow their dreams and pursue their passion.

What are your upcoming creations?

I just finished recording my next single and is called “Right Here with You”. I hope everyone will enjoy it, so stay tuned for release date! A radio tour all across Texas and surrounding states will follow the release along with a music video 🙂