Krystyna Chichura is a New York entrepreneur, YouTuber, founder of, producing content on everything you need to live a stylish and cultured life.

Krystyna Chichura

Krystyna Chichura

Based on what criteria do you choose whose style to discuss that week?

It depends on the current events. If it is the awards season, fashion week, etc., I’ll discuss best and worst dressed celebs at those events. If there are no major red carpet events, I’d concentrate on the models or actors that have been trending in the media.

What inspires you to be good at what you do?

The facts that I know that the content that I publish will put a smile on somebody’s face and will entertain him or her. I love when viewers comment on the content, no matter the feedback – means the video or a post sparked a conversation, caught their attention, produced a certain emotion.

What are the top 3 things that someone should know in order to be in a proper fashion?

1. Invest into expensive pieces. Don’t need to have a closet stacked with 50 pairs of shoes. Have 5 but good ones. As my mom always says: “It’s better to have less of high quality than more of low”.

2. Being fashionable doesn’t mean being stylish! What’s good on your favorite celebrity might not look good on you. Choose to your body type, lifestyle, occasion.

3. Confidence is queen. No matter what you wear, confidence is the most important accessory.

What are some of the common problems that people experience while choosing clothings for themselves?

– Don’t buy clothes in one store to avoid looking like a mannequin.
– Don’t schedule “shopping days” because your goal will be to BUY. At the end you will buy things you don’t really need. Shop when you need something or when you see something super cute on your way from lunch.
– Don’t buy clothes that “will fit you when you lose those 10 extra pounds”.
– Don’t go for “trendy” but what fits you and your lifestyle best.
– Remember to keep it down to three colors when mixing and matching.
– And for those who love to play it safe – add an accessory – a cute scarf for example or a necklace.

What are the future trends you see happening in Fashion?

There are 5 things that I’d recommend investing into this fall: silk blouse, cropped pants, turtlenecks, pleated midi skirts and oversized coats.

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“Style Judge” – covering best and worst dressed celebs.

“Meet the cast” – introducing the cast of the upcoming movie with interviews and fun facts.

“Fun Facts About Celebs” – videos on celebrity trivia and all the fun facts you need to know.

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