Isis Sousa works as a digital artist. She mostly does cover art illustration for Fantasy books. She’s Brazilian and lives in Mid-Norway and has a second job as arts educator. Before she began working with digital painting, she worked full time as graphic designer in the music industry. And last, but not least, she writes and illustrates Dark/Gothic Fiction on her free time. She also has some other hobbies such as wood carving and photography. She is passionate about visual arts and heavy metal music. Today we have conducted an interview with her.

Isis Sousa

Isis Sousa

Book covers designed by you have one thing in common – they represent the darkness theme. What inspires you to write and illustrate such mysterious fictional artwork?

I have been a person with natural inclination for fantastic and dark things since I was a kid. I liked paintings, sculpture, architecture, music and films where I could these key ingredients. I am inspired mostly by classic painters such as the Gothic and the Romantic, and I prefer the classics of different eras when it comes to books as well. I also enjoy some contemporary works here and there, but not as much as I enjoy the classics. Playing with the possibilities of fantastic whether dark or light fuels my imagination to both paint and write. I cannot forget to mention that I often listen to music while I work. I find it very inspiring as well, energizing!

What strong point you would like to put upon among readers that they would like reading your book “The Night of Elisa”?

I think that the most important point about “The Night of Elisa” is to show the reader that he/she can travel with the characters to a world beyond ours and learn that one can find happiness, love and friendship in a journey through obscure paths. Search and it shall be given to you – that’s the balance of the universe in the story as well, with a twist of darkness. It raises also another questions: can there be love at first sight? Is there a destiny in the afterlife?



As an artist, what are your wildest imaginations that you’re yet to put in form of artwork?

This is a difficult question! I think my wildest imaginations would always come back to try painting the most fantastic scenes or characters or yet to write a masterpiece of a novel. I have way too many ideas to bring to reality in form of books and paintings. And I am not sure whether I will have the time and the financial conditions to make it happen. Perhaps the wildest idea is to believe I will be able to accomplish any of this during my life time… But I will keep on dreaming.

What brought you to realization of your writing talent and how did you cultivate it thereafter?

I have always imagined many stories, since I am an artist and am always painting things and characters that don’t exist. In 2012 I had the first idea for “The Night of Elisa”, then I asked myself: why not? Why not try to write it down and publish and see what happens? It was a curious experiment, so I wrote the story that year and published the first edition of the book in 2014. Publishing without any experience or anyone to give me advice was a very difficult process and I have learned a lot on trial and error basis. It was an enriching experience. The only problem is that after publishing the first story… Many more stories came to my mind! Then I realized that this is for life, I simply cannot stop!

What are your upcoming creations?

At the moment I am planning/about to start a new Epic fantasy painting series for my artist portfolio, with Nordic mythology as main inspiration. When it comes to books, I am currently finishing my second novel, another Gothic story, which will also be illustrated. I believe this will be much better than “The Night of Elisa” in all aspects as I have learned how to sharpen my writing skills and my illustration techniques since then. I am working with a beta reader group and the answer is being very positive! The name of the story is “As Cold As Thorns” and is planned to be published in November this year. Readers are already adding it on Goodreads.
Thank you Special Interview, for this amazing opportunity! Thanks for reading! 🙂