Gunnar V Espedal is an award winning physiotherapist and naturopath, qualified to practice acupuncture, reflexology, Bowen therapy, energy medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, cranial-sacral therapy. He is a holistic medicine researcher and lecturer, trainer, inventor, writer and entrepreneur. He lives in Sandnes, Norway.

Gunnar loves nature and all creatures great and small. A wise old man who is pulling out old and new advice from his heart to share with his patients with warmth and humour.

Known to cure the incurable, he has attended and successfully treated more than 100,000 patients all over the world spanning almost 50 years.

Still with a zest of life, he is a marathon runner and cyclist, training every day with joy and gratitude and eagerly looking forward to run his first marathon with one of his grandchildren. Being a Father to 7 sporty children, there is a fair chance of seeing him crossing the finishing line in London Marathon 15 years down the road with one or more of his grandchildren!

When approaching an age where most people prepare for retirement, serendipity intervened: His new book THE NEW LEASE OF LIFE is finally here after long periods of procrastination. Always teaching holistic health principles and self responsibility, this book is a blueprint for getting well and staying healthy in a world of many deceitful and lying advice from health authorities.

Gunnar V. Espedal

Gunnar V. Espedal

When and how were you inspired towards holistic medicine research?

The suffering and death of my father and how he became a victim of bad diagnosis and ill-treatment. This crisis and the following grief, opened up a door of new opportunity to educate myself in evidence based biological, real life care and cure for the sick.Helping to nurse our ailing father, and see his body yellow(jaundice, liver metastasis) and withering away opened my heart towards love and empathy. Coupled with a strong determination to find effective healing methods and modalities, I embarked on a journey to comfort,heal,alleviate and cure the sick, always carrying the principle T.L.C (Tender, love and care) in my heart and therapy. ‘Nil Nocere’:First do no harm became embedded in my thinking as I had seen the medical nemesis and pharmaceutical industry delivering stress and deadly side effect out of their way of dealing with the sick.Nil nocere, being part of every doctor’s oath, seemed to have been forgotten.

Meeting with Dr.James Cyriax , the famous physician, also called “the Einstein of Orthopedic Medicine”, taught me valuable lessons in testing and treating physical ailments and making accurate functional diagnosis.Reading Dr. Ivan Illich book ” Medical Nemesis” about the fallacy of modern pharmaceutically controlled medicine and all the iatrogenic diseases which this approach caused, was a wake-up call.” New perspective on Psychiatry” by a Norwegian medical doctor Haugsgjerd, read whilst working as an auxillary nurse in a mental hospital, and witnessing first hand the degrading treatment the patients received., became anothe eye-opening experience

And finally, I started reading about alternative and complementary medicine,and received books on acupuncture, including the classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic of Medicine, I`Ching”.

All this happened late 60s and beginning of 70s.

Why you gave your book the title “New Lease of Life”? What is it about?

New Lease of Life is crafted from my life and work  – I have personally treated over 100,000 people, and ‘New Lease of Life’ empowers readers to embrace the holistic healing powers of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness fun and faith. Proof that the age-old methods will always prevail, there are ground-breaking discoveries that have previously brought the dead back to life, and given sight to the blind.

I firmly believe that all lifestyle diseases can be prevented and in the book I show in great detail how to do this an achieve optimum health. Not by pointing a finger, no no, we have all made poor lifestyle choices when it comes to food,drink, smoke, inactivity, unforgiveness, anger, bitterness etc which puts a lot of stress on the body, weakening the immune system and dis-ease as a result.

With the book I lead you, encourage you, explain in easy-to-follow steps on how to regain your health and wellness, beginning with vital, restructured water.

With the book I want to enlighten and empower you to take the right steps in the right direction. In a world full of deception and delusions, especially in the health field, the New Lease of Life has the power and the proof from successfully having treated around 100,000 patients in almost 50 years.

This is your chance to rise and shine and make a difference in your life. Begin by change your thinking and attitude towards three molecules, 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen, called water, H2OPE. 

New Lease of Life Book cover

New Lease of Life Book cover

Which are your remarkable healing experiences among having treated and attended 100,000 patients world-wide?

Spoilt for choice, because there are so many!

But without doubt it is all the instantaneous healing miracles I have seen when I have prayed and laid my hands on the sick:

Blind see,lame walking, back pain of 15 years completely healed, cancer disappeared, migraine, coeliac disease etc. By the Grace of God. These are spiritual gifts, as described in the Bible, operating in faith in accordance with the Holy Word of God.

Difficult as it is to fathom for some, it still is a fact. It is also interesting to note that the clerical trolls and the medico-pharma trolls harassed, lied and persecuted me in this and other fields, but if you know you Bible, this is to be expected and joyfully so I did!

From the clinical practice: A lady with osteoporosis, considered incurable by the medical fraternity, and on oestrogen and cortison medication for her asthma came to the clinic. She received advice on the bone robbing ingredients in her food and how to avoid this, nutritional supplements,herbal extracts and natural progesterone, a treatment pioneered by the late Dr.John R. Lee, my mentor. After 9 months she was completely cured from osteoporosis and asthma (Included Bowen therapy for this condition),and incontinence. Confirmed by medical doctors who was greatly surprised as they had never seen anything like this before. BMD (Bone Mineral Density) scanning showed absolutely normal bone structure. But alas, again the medico-pharma troll raised its ugly head!

What are the top 3 tips that you would like share with our readers to live a healthy life?

  1. Get to know the real Jesus or Yeshua, as is his Aramaic name is. I met him when I was 37 and it changed my life completely – body mind and soul. I was set free! Shortly after I was operating in a healing ministry, praying for the sick and all the miracles started. Saved by Grace. Receive your Savior-be born again!
  2. Change and drink vital, restructured water every day. There is nothing like it. Recently I wrote an article about this (on my website):Change your water and receive 12 immediate health benefits. Every time you drink a glass of pure, restructured water with love and gratitude. Yes. this kind of water can receive and broadcast messages. A lot of scientific research has proved this point(Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montaigner, M.Emotu,Horowitz et al). You need a water generator for this purpose. And change your indoor air by installing an air ionizer.
  3. Food Fitness and Fun!Always incorporate an element of play, fun and surprise in your daily life. If you have children, count yourself blessed and engage in fun activities, preferably outdoors in nature and teach them to love and respect all living creatures in nature. A trampoline works wonders! Mini trampoline for indoor/outdoor. You can achieve a lot in a little time invested bouncing!Eat natural food, not ready made fabricated food. Take delight in preparing food and have fun in the kitchen. Educate yourself in this area, avoid certain oils like soy, corn and use coconut oil, ghee, olive oil (organic and virgin in glass bottles). It is ALL in the book New Lease of Life.

Give yourself a fresh new start, transform your life and regain health(which is your wealth!) and vitality. You can add years of quality life to your journey and remember this:

“A journey of 10000 miles begin with the first step!” (Chinese Proverb).

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